Welcome to the Scuderia della Valle’s new site!

In this Scuderia della Valle’s new site you will discover everything the farm stay offers to its customers, from the possibility of an overnight stay to moments of relax to activities with the various species of animals .

Scuderia della Valle: a farm stay in the Imagna Valley

Agriturismo Scuderia della Valle was born from Lola’s desire to live in contact with nature and animals. In 1997, she started a horse breeding centre, and over the years she expanded it including an horse boarding facility and horseback riding walks and courses.  During the last 14 years, Mauri’s help has been crucial to the birth of the current farm stay with its many offers.

From ceremonies to horse riding courses, from llama treks to falconry, from business events to educational activities: in Scuderia della Valle you can live many different and special experiences, all suitable for adults and children. The genuine flavours of our restaurant will delight you and you also will be fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Located in the Imagna Valley, Agriturismo & Scuderia della Valle is an oasis of serenity and happiness.

Scuderia della Valle’s new site: an intuitive design with clear texts

In Scuderia della Valle’s new site you will find the information necessary to discover all the offers of our farm stay, from a stay in one of our rooms to activities with horses and other animals.

The intuitive design will help you navigate throughout the various offers: each of them has its own specific page, with details written in a clear way. The green of the graphic recalls the most important and most precious element of our farm stay: nature itself. The site is also enriched by beautiful photos of our animals and our activities.

In this site you will find everything you need to know about our farm stay, but also information about the beautiful valley where we have decided to establish our business. Come visit us: you won’t regret it!