Llamas and alpacas

Llamas and alpacas breeding and selling at our farm stay

As exotic animals, llamas and alpacas are a pleasant discovery for adults and children. Agriturismo Scuderia della Valle handles the alpacas and llamas breeding and selling and offers the possibility of making contact with them.

Llamas and alpacas: from South America, a lot of docility

Both species of camelids coming from the New World, llamas and alpacas are creatures which have been tamed for centuries by the South American populations.

They have a funny and docile character, suitable for those who approach animals for the first time. In fact, these animals are not prone to vagaries and they easily create a bond with humans. If conveniently trained, they are ideal companions for pet-therapy lessons and hikes in the nature.

Scuderia della Valle deals with the alpacas and llamas breeding and selling: friendly and funny creatures for both children and adults!

Llamas and alpacas breeding and selling

We breed llamas and alpacas in a vast enclosed prairie space, allowing them to grow, walk and graze in herd. We train them to human contact, we take care of them and we feed them properly every day.

In our farm stay you can buy these two species, guaranteed and equipped with microchips. If you are going to buy a llama or an alpaca, it is important that you can guarantee them to grow, respecting their natural needs: these animals need a space of not less than 30 square metres, with a place to use as a shelter from rain, wind and sun. As for their feeding, llamas and alpacas are herbivores, so they eat a large amount of hay and grass and they also need fresh water to drink. Giving their habit of cleaning their mantle by rubbing and rolling on the ground, it is recommended to have a hard ground, sand or tree stems that they can use.

We also give the opportunity to experience an hike with llamas and alpacas.

Some facts about llamas and alpacas

The llamas can carry weights (up to 30kg) and is used for mountain hiking. The palm of their foot is made up of two robust leather-like pads with two hard toenails, which allow them to move easily in difficult paths without needing irons. 

From the alpaca fur, it can be obtained a precious and expensive yarn, used in South America to weave ponchos and blankets. The alpaca fleececan offer up to 22 different shades of colour. The young alpaca’s fibre is the most precious because of its brilliance and lightness. The alpaca yarn has no lanolin, it doesn’t felt and doesn’t give any allergies. The shearing of this animals happens in spring: the female produces up to 2,5 kg of fleece, while the male produces up to 4kg.

Llamas and alpacas live in herds, and they create precise hierarchies through the use of their characteristic spit. Unlike what is commonly thought, it is very rare for these animals to spit on people unless they feel threatened.

Here’s the secret to distinguish these two species: llamas have curved, “banana” shaped ears, while alpacas’ ears are spear-shaped.

Treks with llamas