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Starting from € 9,00 per kid! The cost is variable according to the laboratory selected and the number of participants

In every project there is the possibility to combine:

– Mini horse ride in the farm (€ 5,00 per person)

– Bio snack with ice tea, juice, cake or cookies  (€ 4,00 per person)

– Lunch for children with first dish, meat and french frise, water (€ 8,00 per person)

– Water and sandwiches for packed lunch € 3,00 only under request

Until 30 participants the cost will be charged of € 25,00 per project

A school trip experience in a farm stay

School trips are a precious educational occasion and a source of happy memories for children and teenagers. Agriturismo Scuderia della Valle welcomes kindergarten schools, primary schools, middle schools and high schools. To every group we suggest different activities, according to the age.

Our farm stay is located in the Imagna Valley, in the province of Bergamo, near Milan. Here nature has created wide green spaces. The children can approach horses, llamas, alpacas and other barnyard animals, led by experts. Our staff also helps packing lunch.

Along our instructors, teachers and students can do activities in the woods or make contact with animals. The goal is to teach notions that can be applied not only in a scholastic environment, but in everyday life too.

We offer these laboratories for school trips:

Get to know the birds

A journey to the discovery of birds and the identification of nests.

Fruits’ geography

where does the fruits we find on our table come from? Come and see our orchard and discover the woodland fruits.

Farm animals

The children can take a closer look to the animals,including ducks, chickens and many other species. There are also activities of mimicking the animals (called zoo mimicry).

Hunting the animal tracks

The children will examine the animal tracks, and learn how to recognise them. They will make a plaster mold

Recognise the faeces

learn to recognise the animals’ excrements.

The orchard and wood detective

Trunk-leaf-fruit, a rebus to solve. Who will be able to recognise and match all the plants?


Every laboratory can be done with max. 25 children or teenagers with 2 teachers. If there are groups of up to 30 people, there will be a cost supplement.

The laboratories include a lunch time of 1 hour, so the children can consume their packed lunch; if you request it, we can also provide water and sandwiches.

The school trips can be done in every period of the year, and they can last half a day or a full day.