Mountain bike trails

Biking in the for the Imagna Valley

The Imagna Valley, a small valley in the province of Bergamo, still maintains an almost uncontaminated nature, with lush forests and landscapes of enchanting beauty.

There are 10 mountain bike routes of different levels and difficulty. The trails form a reticulated pattern throughout the valley and one of the routes leads to the Monastery of Astino, a place of interest in the suburbs of Bergamo, which has a great architectural and artistic significance.

Some itineraries are also accessible for those who use an e-bike, others are meant mainly for more experienced bikers. From our farm stay you can easily reach the following mountain biking trails:

  • The Itinerary to the “Tre Faggi” (Three Beech trees): the route leads to the “Tre Faggi”, a small oasis where nature offers itself at its best.
  • The Itinerary to the Lake “Pertus”: it is a small artificial lake located few kilometres away from the town of Costa Imagna, where you can admire from above the nearby province of Lecco.

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