Llama trekking

Walking alongside a llama

Do you want to approach these animals by living an unusual experience? We organise llama trekking activities, alongside these animals known for being likeable and docile. We’ve given a special name to these activities: Lamousine, a blend word made up using “llama” and “limousine”.

You can build a relationship with these animals, made of friendship and sharing, and you can also admire the beautiful nature of the Imagna Valley.

These treks consist of a walk or a hike that can last few hours or a whole day, and the llama is led by a rope. The animal can effortlessly carry the picnic bags and everything you need for funny and relaxing days.

These hikes are meant for children and adults, families, summer groups and schools. They also can be an activity for team building experiences, something unusual but effective.

We can organise llama treks that can last half a day or a full day, with a break at a mountain hut in the area. On request, you can customise these activities according to your particular needs and interests, and according to the age of the participants.

Longer hikes include a local product based picnic. For the little ones, we’ve thought about shorter hikes, orientation lessons and laboratories.

Llama treks must be booked, and only during these periods of the year:

  • From September to May: only during weekends and holiday days
  • June, July, August: every day

Here’s the schedules of two different kinds of llama treks we propose:  half day treks and full day treks.

One hour treck

1 hour

15,00 per person

Half day llama trek

9 AM: breakfast, meeting with the guide, approach activities to the llamas. The saddles carried by the llamas will be filled with tasty and genuine local products.

Beginning of the 3 hours-long hike in one of the areas of our valley, with a break for the picnic. At the end, return to the farm stay.

What to wear: sporty clothes, trekking shoes, k-way

Half day

30,00 per person​

Full day llama trek

  • 9 AM: arrival to the farm stay, meeting with the guide
    Approach to the llamas.
  • Beginning of the hike in one of the areas of our valley.
  • Packed lunch or lunch in the mountain hut (not included in the price of the hike).
  • Return to the farm stay in the late afternoon.
  • Dinner, overnight stay and breakfast for the following day in the farm stay.

What to wear: sporty clothes, trekking shoes, k-way

full day

105 € per person (lunch not included)

20% DISCOUNT for groups larger than 4 people
10% DISCOUNT for bookings from Monday to Friday included.

A cave tour with llamas

An exciting walk to discover the caves of Imagna Valle, living this experience in the company of these docile animals.

8 people minimum

25,00 per person

A medium-distance llama trekking

Do you love the mountain and do you want to live a day with llamas? We propose a day of hiking up to 1800m high.

Llamas, thanks to the shape of their feet’s palm, equipped with two leather-like pads and front toenails, are particularly agile and they can walk on rugged terrain, such as those you can find in mountains.

8 people minimum

50,00 per person