Horse riding school


  • Horse riding lesson (1 hour) € 30,00
  • Natural horseback lesson (1 hour): € 40,00
  • Dressage: € 30,00 
  • 11 lessons € 300 

The duration of the single lesson includes 50 minuts in field.

American Horse Riding and British Horse Riding only by appointment.

Horse riding lessons for adults and children

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, made of passion and instinct, understanding and willpower.

Being strongly convinced by these values, we also have a horse riding school, with spaces for every kind of horse gaits and with obstacles of different levels of difficulty.

We organise courses to learn how to ride a horse and lessons to train you for the exams needed to get a riding authorization.

All the exercises are thought specifically according to ages and level skills. In every course you’ll be led by experts who will help you fully live the relationship with the horse.

Horse riding lessons for children

If your child is over 7 years old, he or she can start with the first lessons: he or she will create a bond with the horse, doing exercises with a rope, first led by a teacher; then he or she will be able to trot!

Horse riding lessons for adults

If horseback riding has always been a dream of yours but you’ve never had the chance to do it, it’s best to start your first lessons in the arena, then you will learn the basic of English riding. You’ll be able to put in practice everything you’ve learnt by taking first walks, always led by our experts.

Natural horse riding stage: discover horses

Our riding school also organises natural horse riding courses, opportunities to get to know the horse, to get in touch with this wonderful animal and to learn how to handle it.

Approaching internship

An internship to learn how to build a relationship with the horse. You’ll learn the rules to approach the animal, the do’s and don’ts.

Internship with the most difficult horses

You can try to ride the most “difficult” animals, learn to recognize behavioural problems and their causes and what to do to solve them.

Horse Ethology Internship (h3)

You’ll learn to understand the horse language, learning how to interpret its movements, looks and any other communication signal.

Basic Grooming Course

You’ll learn the fundamental notions about horse grooming, washing and safety.

Natural Horseback Internship Cycle

The internships are led by Mario Carpelli, a trained Western-style instructor for more than 10 years; he’s also a country riding instructor and a First, Second and Third Western-style rider certified by AIEW (Pierre Oullet). He has certificates of attendance of Parelli courses, of which he’s been applying the natural method for over 10 years. He currently owns an equestrian centre in Lari di Pisa, in Tuscany.

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