To live harmoniously with horses: breeding and horse riding

Passion for horses is part of us from the very beginnings of our activity and still is important today, more than ever. Agriturismo Scuderia del Valle has wide spaces for the breeding of horses and for horse riding, and has become a reference point for the province of Bergamo and beyond.

There are currently more than 40 horses of different breeds, selected to work on the farm, or that can be riddenin long- or short-distance rides, by adults, children and teenagers. We count on the experience acquired in over 20 years and on the professionalism of our horsemen-instructors. With every animal we embark on a path of growth based on mutual respect and exchange: the horse is an animal that gives us a lot with its sensitivity and doesn’t ask for much in return.

Our breeding farm offers all the services of horse riding and boarding stables. With the horses we engage in horse riding activities for children and adults; horse riding is a challenging sport, but it is also very fulfilling and offers an important occasion for personal growth.

Horse riding is education for life: physical effort isn’t enough, it also takes a lot of willpower and harmony with the animal.


It’s a sport that helps you build your character, it creates many emotions while you’re next to your horse. Horse riding means dealing with different circumstances alongside your horse: whether it’s rain, snow or sunshine; it means watching it eating, hearing it calling from the stable to start a new day with you. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction you feel during a walk in the nature or when you accomplish an high jump with your horse. You know that your horse has the strength to hurt you, but instead it choose to give you the privilege to ride it and this fills you with pride.

The horse is a friend, a companion, an accomplice.

Horse riding is a sport that requires a lot of trust, it means building a relationship of understanding made of communication and silences with the horse you’ve been given.

We would like to pass down to you the horse riding’s values. Do you want to join us? We suggest you many activities, whether you’re an adult or a child, and whichever your level of ability and closeness with these animals is. We organised horse riding trips, hikes and excursions, horse riding internships and courses, all led by experts.