Horse hikes

Emotions guaranteed

We love horse riding and we’d like everyone (adults and children) to approach this discipline, which goes beyond simply being a sport and becomes a training for everyday life. For this reason we organise horse riding treks that are specifically thought for different levels of skills.

Scuderia della Valle cooperates with the local associations for the protection and supervision of the territory, the “Cavalieri della Valle Imagna” (Knights of the Imagna Valley) and “le Giacche Verdi Valle Imagna” (Imagna Valley’s Green Jackets). You can ask for their guidance on horseback rides or on foot to discover the Imagna Valley. 

A short ride with help from an expert

Short horseback walks in the farm stay and its surroundings. They’re ideal for children and for all those who want to take a first approach to the horse and live special moments with him.


Horseback walks with an expert – 1 hour long

Our horseriders will accompany you on a 1 hour-long itinerary to discover the nearest local places.

1 Hour

30,00 (single person)
25,00 a person (in group)

Available only for people with licence and by appointment

Horseback walks an expert – 2 hours long

Two hours to live with other people; live a funny experience in the nature!

2 hours

45,00 a person (minimum 4 people)

Available only for people with licence and by appointment