First falconry approach: 25,00 € per person (only for adults) – minimum 4 people

Path inside the aviary, birds of prey description and glove baptism (falconry minicourse).

Minicourse package + lunch/dinner

Falconry minicourse + lunch or dinner: 45,00  per person (beverage not included)

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Falconry courses and teaching with birds of prey

Mysterious and majestic, the birds of prey are fascinating creatures that have spent centuries side by side with humans. Scuderia della Valle offers the possibility of doing approaching activities with birds of prey and falconry courses near Bergamo. Both adults and children can attend these activities.


Educational activities with various species of birds of prey

Every Sunday our experts invite all children to take part of educational activities to discover birds of prey. The beauty of the barn owl, the majestic owls and the agility of falcons will enchant all the attendees, who will see these birds and learn interesting information about them.

The reckless will have the opportunity to experience the “baptism of the glove”, an activity that allow to interact with these beautiful animals: you will look closely to their majestic wings, you can touch them and feel their claws grab gently your hand.


Falconry: two days with birds of prey

In use on the European soil since the Middle Ages, falconry is a hunting activity based on the use of hawks or other birds of prey. Today, it is practiced as a hobby, and many falconers participate in events, parades and medieval-themed (or not) events with their raptors.

If you fancy to get close to this fascinating world, Scuderiadella Valle organises falconry courses near Bergamo. The courses are led by expert falconers, who, thanks to the knowledge acquired during training courses, will help you during this experience with birds of prey. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about these animals, to see them hunting their natural preys, to watch them while they elegantly fly. These courses last 2 days.

The raptors are majestic and fascinating creatures: our farm stay’s falconry courses will make you learn how to approach them.

In our farm stay you’ll find both diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, all of them were born and bred in aviary. They live in comfortable bird cages built specifically to respect their needs and lifestyles.

Many are the species of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey; among the ones you can find in our farm stay there are the barn owl, the snowy owl, the Eurasian eagle-owl and the Harris’s hawk.