Educational activities to discover the animals

The animals show us the instincts given to all the living beings by Mother Nature: being close to them means understanding a little about ourselves too. With this idea in mind, Agriturismo Scuderiadella Valle promotes educational activities for children, teenagers and adults as well.

Docile horses, funny barnyard animals, interesting llamas and alpacas, mysterious birds of prey: with all of them you can live captivating experiences, made of wonder and amazement, knowledge and respect, with an expert guiding you all the time.

These educational activities must be booked. They occur every day, all year long. They can be meant for individuals or groups; this doesn’t apply to summer camps and Sundays in the farm.


Back to the rhythms of nature alongside the animals, immerging oneself in a beautiful landscape. Laboratories and other educational activities for children, led by educators.


Are you planning a school trip to re-discover nature and animals? We organise laboratories and educational activities for all ages and levels of education, from kindergarten to secondary school.


Paths to discover barnyard animals and birds of prey, baptism of the horse seat and the glove, a short walk with llamas: the Sunday afternoon has never been funnier!


Adventures with animals, walks into the woods, cooking laboratories and stories under the moonlight: Scuderia della Valle’s summer camps are sensational!


Reading the mystery in an owl’s eyes, making a burrowing owl fly and seeing it coming back, feeding a barn owl: these and more activities are part of our falconry courses.


Trekking into the woods alongside an unusual partner: a llama. This animal’s loyalty will conquer you, you will walk side by side in harmony, giving life to a wonderful friendship.