About us

From horse breeding to farm stay in the Imagna Valley

Agriturismo & Scuderia della Valle’s story is full of passion and enterprise, perseverance and tenacity, all traits that lead a small horse breeding to a farm stay in the Imagna Valley, becoming well-known in Bergamo, Milan and all of Northern Italy. 

Everything begins in 1997: Lola decides to start a horse breeding, that soon becomes a riding ground with boxes for horses, horse ridings and trekking paths. The most influential magazine in the equestrian industry write enthusiastic articles about Scuderia and her owner’s abilities.

Fourteen years ago Lola met Mauri; his experience and support have been fundamental for the opening of a modern farm stay with a friendly atmosphere.


With her smile and strength of will she guides Scuderia della Valle and takes care of the clients. Her biggest satisfaction? To see children that she once trained in horse riding to come back as adults with her family.


Mauri is resourceful and determined like a true leader. He makes sure of everything going right, inside the farm stay and in the animals’ areas.

Qualche numero


Docile and very funny, they come from South America and fits well our environment.


their wool is very valued and refined. They look like llamas, beside a small difference in the ears.

Birds of prey

Fascinating and mysterious, they keep an eye on our woods.


Their loyalty and resistance make them a precious help in everyday work.

Our environment

Agriturismo & Scuderia della Valle is in Imagna Valley, near Bergamo, in the landscape of Prealpi Orobie.