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Starting from € 15,00 per kid.

Cost is variable according to the laboratory and the number of participants.


€ 7,00 per kid

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Petting zoo in the farm stay to get close to nature and animals

In our farm stay you can find a beautiful oasis with barnyard animals, horses, donkeys, llamas and birds of prey. We organise petting zoo activities, laboratories and activities for groups and schools.

The purpose is to get the participants close to the rhythms of nature and the animal world, and to experience new and unusual activities.

We can accommodate up to 70 children, to whom wemake available the veranda, the educational room with the video projector, the club house, the garden and wide exterior spaces around the structure.

This is an educational experience that will teach children a lot, without ignoring the most spontaneous activity children love to do: to play. Professional experts with a specialization in the environment education field will lead the children.  

Our proposal of petting zoos activities include:

Activities with llamas

We will accompany the children in treks along the paths and woods of our wonderful Imagna Valley. Here we will do laboratories dedicated to plants and trees recognition. We will be accompanied by llamas, animals known for being docile and likeable; they’re not prone to vagaries and they easily bond with humans.

To these trekking activities can be combine orientation lessons in the woods, still alongside llamas.

Activities with horses

Horses are one of the most sensitive species. You can create with them a relationship of understanding and complicity. For the children, we propose the “baptism of the horse seat”, the first approach with an horse; this activity consist of a short guided walk in the surroundings of the farm stay.